Green Policy

Commercial catering is a business sector where the benefits of improvement far outweigh the costs. Together, we are responsible for producing over 48 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and we could, using available technology, reduce energy consumption within the United Kingdom by more than 30%.

Clearly commercial kitchens are a major consumer of energy and typically supplied with inefficient, energy green-policy. Simply by specifying more efficient equipment and keeping it well maintained as well as implementing some simple operational measures, substantial energy reductions can be achieved.

Kaitakare carefully choose only to supply what we believe to be well manufactured, efficient and affordable equipment supplied from recognised manufacturers. We also offer check lists and recommendations to help our customers reduce their running costs.

For example, did you know?

In most commercial kitchens it is possible to make immediate savings by using the equipment as efficiently as possible. No financial investment is needed; for example, a check on how the catering equipment is being used may reveal areas where equipment can be turned off when it is not needed, or where usage can be reduced without affecting the level of service to customers.

Kaitakare energy checklist:

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